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Quakertown has a very non-stable weather with rains and snows that’s why it is important to install high-quality windows at your residential house. Windows at your residential house defend you against bad weather conditions, that’s why they shall be effective and high quality, it’s important to choose the best materials to install windows. Today, the windows are divided by the material, direction of opening, configuration, and purpose.

Types of windows by material:

  • wooden;
  • plastic (PVS);
  • aluminum;
  • metal-plastic.

Types of windows by configuration:

  • rectangular;
  • triangle;
  • round;
  • trapezoidal;
  • arch;
  • combined.

By purpose windows are divided into:

  • soundproof;
  • energy saving;
  • impact resistant;
  • semi-mirror;
  • tone.

Despite a big choice of windows on the market the most popular are fiberglass windows. They gained their popularity due to numerous advantages:

  • Resistance to weather conditions

Windows on the base of glass composite are neither afraid of strong frosts nor of high temperatures in summer period. They are constructed in the way to resist temperature from -60 to +150 degrees C. One shall note that the shape stays in primary form.

  • High durability

Fiberglass is as durable as aluminum, that’s why it can easily resist light mechanical influences (for example, slight hits).


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