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Each home in Quakertown is unique in its own way, and siding plays an important role in this. Siding is considered to be quite durable and reliable facing material. However, even this strong and durable material can be damaged. Damage does not appear very often and in most cases it is only on separate panels. And if this happens, then it will be necessary to replace the deformed panel. The causes of damage of the panels can be very different - strong sharp blows with sharp objects, "bloating" of the panel with uneven shrinkage of the house. You may also need siding replacement at the corner of the house. If the damage is small, then replacement of the damaged panel is quite simple. Using a special hook for mounting, between the damaged panel and the panel located above, the end of the hook is inserted into the lock and gently pulled down and then along the covering, thereby releasing the mount. As soon as the lock is unfastened along the entire length, the upper panel will bend in order to open access to the nail strip. After using a nail puller or screwdriver, all fasteners are removed.

After the old panel is removed, a new panel is installed on it. It should be taken into account that it is not necessary to tighten the screws or hammer nails, since the material is slightly deformed due to the temperature difference. If the material does not have the space to freely shrink and expand, then over time it will swell and crack. After the panel is fixed to the crate, the locks need to be clicked up using the same hook. In order the new panels after the repair would not be visible, it is necessary to purchase panels with a reserve during installation of the siding. There are cases when the siding loses its original appearance or too many damaged panels, then the siding should be completely replaced. Old panels are dismantled and new panels are installed in their place. If you looking for a company for siding replacement or a reliable supplier of siding “near me” in Quakertown, call us today.


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