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When planning and building a cottage or a country house, the owner faces the question of what roofing materials to use for the roof. Currently the market offers a huge range of roofing materials with which you can create a unique roof.
In order to choose the most suitable roofing materials, it is worth having a look at their varieties in details.

Varieties of roofing materials:

  • Sheet roofing includes metal tile, profiled sheeting, onduline, roofing slate, seam roofing.
  • Soft roofing includes flexible tile, built-up roofing, membrane roofing.
  • Piece materials include ceramic tile, sand-cement tile, slate tile.

Quarkertown is a city with beautiful roofs of various shapes and colors. Choosing for yourself the perfect roof, do not forget about its color and durability.

Type of materialAdvantages
Metal tileConvenient transportation, it is mounted on the roof boarding with self-tapping screws with the obligatory use of rubber gaskets, low weight.
Profiled sheetingLow price, high flexural strength.
OndulineOrganic material (made of cellulose fiber, which is impregnated with bitumen with the addition of polymers), water resistance, if it is properly installed, it can withstand a load up to 960 kg per square meter.
Roofing slateLow price, good sound insulation.
Seam roofingIt is made of rolled metal for the entire length of the ramp. In order to perform roofing works, it requires special tools, it is light weight, solid, attractive, flexible (can be used for the construction of complex roofs).
Flexible tileIt is made of fiberglass impregnated with bitumen; pebble gravel are applied over it (it gives color and provides protection from the sun's rays).
Built-up roofingThe composition is similar to the composition of flexible tile laid with the help of heated bitumen base, low price, suitable for flat roofs.
Membrane roofingIt is installed on the flat roofs, it is made of PVC, EPDM, TPP, resulting in a durable and waterproof roof covering.
Ceramic tileAesthetically it looks perfect, has a lot of weight (so you need to strengthen the truss construction).
Sand-cement tileAffordable price, it is made by pressing of raw materials, without burning. It is painted in the required color using dyes, often the surface is covered with glaze.
Slate tileElite coating, the service life up to 200 years, installation is performed by professionals.
Liquid roofIt is made on the basis of oligomers and is supplied in a liquid form, it is applied on the base of metal, concrete or bitumen, it solidifies in the open air and turns into an elastic film. Service life up to 15 years.


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